When is the best time to trim and prune a tree? This is one of the most common questions among homeowners. Well, there are a number of factors that come into play when dealing with trimming and pruning. The removal of damaged and dead wood as well as light trimming can be done at any time. However, when it comes to trimming, it is always a good practice to do it during dormancy.

When you trim a tree during dormancy, it results in vigorous burst of new growth and less chance of disease infestation. Note that tree trimming provides many benefits including promoting safer and healthier trees and improving the appearance of trees. Here are some reasons why late winter is a great time to trim trees.

  • Better Visibility

It is much easier to see the tree structure during this time since there is no foliage to obstruct views. This is the time dead wood and other structural problems can easily be spotted thus making it easier to make trimming decisions. It also helps in reducing damage to under story plants such as annuals and perennials.

  • Reduced vulnerability to infestation.

The pests that usually get attracted to fresh cuts after trimming are not active at this time. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about their infestation.

  • If you have trees like elms, birches and oaks, you can only trim then in winter or fall to avoid the spreading of diseases such as oak wilt and Dutch elm disease.
  • Better Access

Winter is usually characterized by frozen ground with makes it possible for the professional access to tree sections and areas that they wouldn’t be able to reach.

  • It has already been pointed out that trees should be trimmed when in their dormant stage. Plants are usually dormant in winter meaning it’s the perfect time to trim your trees. Trimming in winter means the exposure of the fresh wounds will only be for a short period of time. It, therefore, means trimming at this time will allow your tree to recover quicker in spring.

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Stump removal involves much more effort than cutting down a tree. Of course tree removal is also a major project but it’s more or less straightforward. You realize that the cost of cutting or eliminating a tree doesn’t include getting rid of a stump. When you hire a professional to remove a tree, they will only cut the tree and leave the stump unless you instruct them to do so. This explains why most people have old stumps in their homes.

Although stump removal is believed to be more involving, it is something that can be done. What is most important is using the right techniques and methods. You could be having a hard time deciding whether to a tree removal specialist should remove that old stump or not. Here are some of the reasons why you need to remove a stump.

  • Stumps are hazardous

Every parent wants to keep his children safe. Stumps are dangerous to your playing children. Your children may tip over a stump as they run and play in your yard. It is even worse if it’s your neighbor. Furthermore, your mower may get damaged when you accidentally hit it on a tree stump during the mowing exercise.

  • Stumps attract Pests

Tree stumps usually decay and rot over time. It makes the perfect home for wood-boring pests such as ants, beetles, and termites. The problem begins when these pests eventually infest your home after some time.

  • Unwanted Growth

When a stump is left behind, it contributes to new sprouts which means you’ll have to spend money on chemicals to get rid of them. Grinding or removing a stump is the best way to save yourself this additional expenses.

  • Improving your Yard with Sump Removal

Apart from taking up precious yard space, a stump isn’t appealing in your yard. You can improve how your yard looks and make it more attractive by removing the stump. You can then plant a flower bed or grass on the area previously occupied by the stump.

  • Property Value

The fact that tree stumps are unsightly makes them a hindrance when it comes to property value. In fact, some people believe that tree stumps can reduce the value of a property. Think about it. You have two options: a home with well-maintained trees and another with tree stumps all over. Which home will you buy?

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